New Year, New Me?

Happy New Year Everybody! Hope you had a good one! I did the same thing I do every New Year. I sat in my PJs, ate nice food, watched a film and went to bed before midnight! rock n roll or what?! 😜 I just can’t face going out for new year any more – much rather be comfy at home 🀣

So New Year New Start and all that jazz?! If I’m honest, I’m not really one for making New Years resolutions. I just find that if you set yourself targets and don’t achieve them,  you can end up feeling really crappy about it and that’s really not a good way to start a new year!

Instead of making actual “resolutions”, I’ve decided to just do things that make me happy. Things for myself, so I can sit back this time next year and think “YES! That was a good year for me!”.

So this is the list I’ve come up with so far for 2019:

Yes, I’ve started the ball rolling with following the Slimming World plan again. I’m not going to group, because if I’m honest, I already know I’m overweight. I don’t need to pay to be weighed. I’m just doing it off my own back at home. I don’t have a particular target to work towards, because again if I don’t get to it I’ll beat myself up about it. I’m just seeing how things go, and making healthier choices about food. Wish me luck!

Enrol for a course

Well, this I’ve already started and I actually enrolled at the end of 2018 but have just logged on this week to look at the syllabus.  I’ve gone for something really random and not related to my current job at all, because it needs to be something I’m really interested in otherwise I’ll give up half way through! So because I’m into my crafts and have recently started making candles, I’ve enrolled on an aromatherapy course! I know I know, sooo random! But the idea of different scents helping people with different ailments is really intriguing for me, so I decided to just go for it and enrol! I have 12 months to complete the course, of which there are 24 modules. My plan is to enrol in a different course once this one is complete, but as I don’t yet know how long it’ll take me I thought I should take baby steps instead of taking too much on (at the end of the day I’m trying to be less stressed this year, so I don’t want to make that situation worse!!)

I’ve also decided to get my Food Hygiene Certificate. I don’t actually do many cakes any more, but it’d be good to know that if I do, I have the certificate for it 😬

More Crafting

Well, this one’s always on my mind. I love crafting. It’s my way of chilling out, be it card making and papercraft, jewellery making, bath bomb making or candle making. (I’m not going to include cake decorating in the “chilled out crafts” section, as to be completely honest, cakes stress me out something rotten! I love doing them, and still get satisfaction when they’re done, but they cause me so much stress that I’ve been taking some time out from them.

And last on the list (for now!)..

Less Stress

This is a major one for me. I get stressed out very easily when something is out of my control. Now I must be honest, I don’t get mega stressed at home. The majority of my stress is work related!! So in 2019, I’ve decided not to worry so much about everything. I know it means I care, and I really do, but it gets to a point where you decide enough is enough, and realise work isn’t everything! So I’m taking the approach not to get too stressed out about things (because quite frankly, my Rennie habit is getting out of hand with all the stress heartburn I keep getting!!)

So there you have it – these are the things I’ve got planned out for the near future! I feel like 2019 is going to be a good one, but we can only make it good if we help it along the way! Watch this space 2019 – I’m coming for you!! 😏



How about you? Any resolutions or plans? 😊

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