Crafting chaos!!

I’ve been lacking in the old blogging department lately. The truth is, life can get reeeeeeally hectic and I just haven’t found the time. So, now my cake orders have started to calm down…I can finally showcase some of my most recent projects! Ive closed the cake diary for a little while so I can get back a bit of my sanity. People sometimes don’t understand how much effort goes into a custom celebration cake. It takes away two of my evenings after a full day at work and often means I sacrifice other aspects of my life to get the cake done! Hence why it’s sometimes nice to close the book for a little while to rebalance my life! I started my crafting life with cakes but I also LOVE papercraft. So I’ve decided to dedicate my crafting time to paper based projects rather than edible creations (as lovely as they are, they cause me a LOT of stress). Don’t panic – this isn’t a permanent thing just yet. I just have to take a step back from cakes every once in a while otherwise I start to lose the love for them!

So…here are some craft projects I’ve done in the last couple of months or so…

I actually finished this cake one morning before work! 😅 I had a nightmare with the heat in my kitchen which meant the buttercream was refusing to set buttttt once I got over the stress of that, the cake turned out okay!

Next up is Moana! It was hard to get a decent photo of this one but you get the idea! Tamatoa the crab was moulded from rice Krispy squares (my new saviour!) then cakes in glitter and shimmer!

90th floral birthday cake. Sometimes simplicity is key. I’m not even sure I added glitter to this one…

Simple chocolates birthday cake for my dad! Buttercream can be overpowering sometimes so I experimented with a slightly more “naked” cake. It actually worked well, especially with so much chocolate on the top! 😁

Retirement cake for a wonderful colleague and friend, aka the queen of blag! I really enjoyed this one and I love the purple of the roses!

Another Moana themed cake! Everyone is loving Moana lately!

Succulent themed cake for one of my besties. I really enjoyed this one and the picture doesn’t do it justice – there was soooo much glitter on this one 😀

And of course, a rainbow filled unicorn cake. This is definitely one of my favourite cakes so far and I was pleased with how the rainbow sponge turned out! 🌈🦄

50th birthday cake for my best friends mum! Including a few of her fave things along with lots of glitter and shimmer!

Along with cakes I’ve also been back on track with my card making, which I’m pleased about because I love making cards! I’m hoping to get some more paper craft projects started soon so will post about those too but here are some cards I’ve made recently:

So as you can see…I’ve been a busy little bee! 🐝

I don’t have any cakes to do for quite a while and to be honest I’m seriously considering reducing the amount I do because sometimes it’s just not worth it…

Anyway, I’ve been writing this post for about a week so it’s about time I published it!

Off to make some cards now while I’m in a creative mood!!

Peace out ✌🏼xxx

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