1 Year(ish) and counting!

I can hardly believe I’ve been blogging for a whole year. I actually realised a week before my “blogversary”, and had all sorts of good intentions to write an amazing blog post for the momentous occasion. Of course that was me being in la la land, and what actually happened was I started a post, left it half finished so I could cook dinner, or bake a cake, or make a card…and the next thing I know I’m at work talking about my blog and I realise I’ve unknowingly whizzed past my very important and momentous one year anniversary. Nice one πŸ™„ So…I may be a little late to the party, but better late than never!

The beginning:

I’d been considering starting a blog for a number of years, but never actually started one because firstly, what would I write about? And secondly, who would be interested in reading it? Well, I originally started my blog on 24th February 2017, with the intention of concentrating on my crafty projects. I carried on like this for a little while. Until I realised. Life is hectic sometimes. And sometimes, it doesn’t matter how good your intentions are, you just might not have time to finish that craft project you’ve been planning for months…(I have one sitting in my craft room and I walk past it every single day!!)

So, after a couple of cakey posts and a ranty middle of the night blog post, I found that I quite enjoyed just blarting on about whatever was bouncing around in my mind at the time. You see the thing is, my mind is always chocka with all sorts of random things. Most of the time it’s craft related, what projects do I have going on? Have I actually got enough time to do them? Am I just going to do them anyway even though they give me stress heartburn every time..

So to jot things down on my blog is a really good way for me to make my mind a bit less crammed! There have been lots of times I’ve started blog posts and still have them saved in drafts because it was just nice to get the words written down!

And as for who will read my blog?

Well. I must be honest when I looked at the summary of my blog views, I was surprised to see that it had made its way to 34 countries in the last 12 months with over a thousand views! I wouldn’t imagine that even a handful of people in the UK would be interested in reading my blog, and yet there are people in 34 different countries who must’ve been interested in at least one of my posts at least once over the months!! And as for the blog views, I know that some people’s blogs get over a thousand views a day, but I’m still a newbie to the blog community and to be honest I’m seriously chuffed with that!

So to summarise the past 12 months (ish!) in the blogging world: I πŸ’– blogging. And even if one person reads just one of my blog posts, that makes me all kinds of happy. 😬 I of course have intentions to write more posts in 2018, and at some point soon I’ll feature some of the crafty projects I’ve been concentrating on.

Until then, I’d just like to thank every single person who has ever taken the time to read my posts. It really does mean a lot to me and has given me the oomph to carry on.

Much love and peace out 😘✌🏼 xxx

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