Back in the zone!

I think it’s fair to say I’ve let my blog slip so far this year. I’ve picked up my iPad a few times over the weeks, but over and over again I wonder if the thoughts I have in my head are enough to keep people interested in reading my blog. Hence why the blog posts didn’t happen! I struggle sometimes with where to draw the line on the kind of thing people would like to read about. I started my blog with the intention of sharing my crafty projects, but over the months since starting my blog, I’ve realised it’s just nice sometimes to blurt out whatever’s on my mind at the time.

I have good intentions, but you can have it all planned out in your head, a blog post every week from new year…then before you know it you’ve caught the lurgy and haven’t got the energy to think outside that cotton wool-filled head of yours.

Along with having germs lately, I’ve also been busy with cake and card requests! More cakes than cards if I’m honest; but it’s nice to mix it up a bit by making some cards too and not just cakes. I realised last year that I’d let my card making slip dramatically: to the point that I was going out and buying cards for people instead of making them! Now I’m not saying that because I make cards I just never buy cards. Sometimes I see a card that’s perfect for somebody and so will buy it, but I think 90% of the cards I give to people should be hand made really. Otherwise how on earth am I going to make my way through my card making supplies so I can buy more?! So I’ve decided that I would like to start concentrating more on cards this year. The reason for this is simple. I love making cards. Don’t get me wrong, I can sit for an hour and not come up with a single design idea, because I just can’t figure out in my head which of the thousands of patterned papers I want to use! On the same day though, I can whip up a card design within 5 minutes that I’m over the moon with, so I guess it’s swings and roundabouts really isn’t it.

I made a couple of valentines cards this year by request, and really enjoyed having a different theme to concentrate on. I’d never made valentines cards for other people, which is always a bit nerve wracking, but it made a nice change to be making cards instead of cakes!

One of my personal favourites is this playing card-themed card:

I’m slowly getting used to stamping on cards and I guess confidence will come with practice, so watch this space for more stamped cards in future!

Right, I’m off to brainstorm some more card ideas!

Peace out ✌🏼 xxx

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