Ending 2017 with some McChicken Nuggets….

So 2017 has been a busy year for my cake diary. I’ve made a huge variety of cakes this year and have enjoyed every single one ☺️

There’s been hot tubs, lots of pretty flowers and of course a unicorn made an appearance again 😍🦄

One of my favourite cakes from this year was a Harry Potter themed project for my friends mums 60th birthday. I guess it helps when you’re “into” the cake, as I was with the HP cake. It meant I could put a little extra oomph into it ☺️

The cake involved moulding detailing out of icing, such as a wand, broomstick, glasses, a golden snitch and of course the Hogwarts Sorting Hat! The cake turned out well and I think it’s one of my all time favourites to date! 😊

Which brings me to the last cake of the year – a McDonalds chicken nugget themed cake. Yep that’s right! 🙈 I must admit I’d never done a chicken themed cake before but there’s a first time for everything in life!! This one requires real McDonalds sauce pots, which unfortunately meant I had to make a trip to McDonalds to get them…oh dear what a shame 🤣🙊

Overall I’m pleased with the cake, and didn’t realise I was so good at making “chicken” nuggets out of rice crispy squares 🤣👍🏼☺️

So let’s see what cakey projects 2018 has to offer me! Watch this space!! 😬👍🏼 xxx

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