R & R, and a cockerel named Bryan…

Its been a little while since my last post, partly because I’ve had a mental block to go nicely with the head cold I just can’t seem to shift. I have a crazy amount of pressure going on in my head right now and it just doesn’t seem to be easing off at all 😐

The other reason for my lack of blogging is that I’ve been away on holiday. I planned to get some inspiration while I was away and get some posts written. But with barely enough wifi to send a solitary whatsapp message let alone write and publish a blog post, I had to put that on hold for a week. So now I’m back in the land of technology and raring to go! πŸ˜…

Being away was really lovely, because I had this crazy idea that I could get in all the lie ins I’d planned for 2017 so far. Weeeeeeeell…as it turns out, when you rent a cottage on a farm which has 3 cockerels, the chance of grabbing a lie in is slim to none. 

The first morning I was rudely awoken at 4:35am, and every day after that I was awake from around 5am. 6am was on a good day. And I’m pretty sure the biggest, fattest cockerel stood right under my bedroom window before letting out the biggest racket he could manage. The only way I was able to mentally cope with the ordeal was to name him so I could have some satisfaction in knowing who exactly I was venting at every morning. Which meant,every single day without fail, the wonderfully peaceful silence was shattered by a piercing crow, followed by “Bryan!!!! Shut the **** uppp!!!!” 

Yes, I definitely swore at an animal who couldn’t possibly understand my choice of words. And no, I’m not ashamed – it felt good! πŸ˜‚ Dare I say it: it felt good to be back home after the week away, because my house is so quiet! It was lovely to wake up of my own accord rather than by a pesky cockerel or 3!! 

It was my birthday while we were away, so I never get a birthday lie in anyway because I’m a big kid and I get up crazy early to open my presents and carry out my birthday tradition of watching A Muppet Christmas Carol. I do it every year and I’m not even sorry one little bit. I may be 32 now, but I still appreciate a good Christmas film. 

 The aftermath of present opening! 

Talking of being 32 now, does anybody ever feel sad on their birthdays? To be honest I never have, but I know there are people who get really down about becoming another year older. Last year I couldn’t get myself feeling enthusiastic or Christmassy and didn’t even really want to get my Christmas jumper out the way I normally do. I couldn’t really put my finger on why I was feeling that way, considering I normally try to be as cheerful as possibles Maybe we just go through phases where certain things just don’t matter to us. Or they really do, depending on how we look at things. Either way, turning 32 was all good for me. I was on holiday, I ate my most favourite breakfast, and I had a shopping trip planned for the day. Winner winner chicken dinner if you ask me 😍 

Birthday breakfast – half healthy, half not!! 

Anyway, so after a few days spent at the seafront, I’ve cleared my head and hopefully given myself a kick start for some new blog posts. I have a couple of ideas coming up so watch this space for them. I’ve recently been considering the option of vlogging as opposed to blogging, but I think I need to get over the hatred for the sound of my own voice before I do something like that! 

That’s enough delving into my thoughts for the time being: I’m sure I’ll be back soon with some ranting of some sort. In the meantime here are some holiday snaps of good old Somerset 😍 

Dunster Beach Watchet Harbour Minehead seafront 
Peace out ✌🏼😘 xxx 

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