Blogging : Why I do what I do..

It’s been a little while longer than planned since my last blog post. Life has majorly got in the way, partly in the form of toothache and a full blown cold all in one week. To say it set me back is putting it lightly. But, the germs have now gone so I just have the toothache to contend with!!

I’ve found since starting my blog that although I don’t have masses of followers, it’s nice to be able to go somewhere if I need to have a rant about something.

I do try to focus my posts more on projects I have going on at the time i.e a cake or something else craft related. But most of the time it ends up being a random post, focussing on whatever’s going on in my head at that time!

It took me a long time to start a blog, and I guess a lot of people probably wondered why I was doing it. To be honest, I don’t particularly think I’m an interesting person and although I try to focus my posts on what I think people will want to read, much of my posts are for my own sanity! It’s quite nice if you have a lot going on in your life, to be able to sit with a cuppa and a blank screen and just focus on that day’s blog post.

Think about it in terms of feeling angry/frustrated/upset, and all you want to do is take yourself off into an empty room and scream your little heart out until your lungs hurt. Well, blogging is my release. When I feel like I have so many thoughts catapulting around my brain, I start to write them down. When I was younger I always wanted to start writing a diary. I’d write one day’s entry and then forget about it completely. I’m the same with food diaries. I log down everything I eat for 3 day maximum, then I either lose my notebook or just give up on the whole idea. With blogging though, I think I keep writing posts because I know that there’s a chance somebody out there in that big wide world could come across my post one day and fancy a read of it. It’s crazy to think of all the people who have read my blog so far. I can view my stats and see which countries it’s active in, and it genuinely blows my mind!

That alone gives me the motivation and confidence to carry on doing what I’m doing. Lots of people seem to make money through their blogs, and maybe one day I will too, but for the time being I’m happy just to have somewhere to go, my happy little place. 😊

So to anybody who has followed my blog from the get-go, your support is sooooo appreciated. For those reading for the first time, I hope I didn’t bore you! And hopefully you’ll keep a beady eye out for my future posts… πŸ‘€

Right, I’m off to plan my next post – there’s something chocolatey currently baking in my oven and I’m thinking it could turn into a post…🍫

Peace out and much love to you all ✌🏼 xxx

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