Fashion : Don’t Be A Victim

Fashion’s a funny old thing. Trends change throughout the year and we’re expected to keep up with them each time things go in and out of “fashion”. Well I don’t know about you, but if I find something I really like wearing, I’m not going to stop wearing it just because, say, Lady Gaga isn’t wearing it anymore. I have a whole lot of love for Gaga, I really do. But a tiny little part of me feels like I shouldn’t completely trust someone who once wore a dress made of meat! πŸ—πŸ–πŸ₯“

Although having said that, Lady Gaga does her own thing when it comes to fashion, and fair play to her for it. I guess when you’re a celebrity, they say “no publicity is bad publicity”. So if people are talking about your outfit, be it good or bad, you’re getting the press coverage you’re after!
(Jeez, she looks like she’s wearing a set of curtains here…)

I’ve never really been one to follow trends. I like to do my own thing and would really rather other people weren’t wearing the same outfit as me. Where’s the fun in that anyway?! The clothes we choose to wear are a good way for us to show our personalities. I for one, like colour and lots of it! Wearing colourful clothes makes me happy.  Having said that, there are days I wear black from head to toe, just because on that particular day I’m feeling extra chubby and want to be as least noticeable to other people as possible!!

But it’s our prerogative to dress how we want, when we want. (Within reason – unbelievably it’s apparently a little bit frowned upon for people to wear pjs to work πŸ€” strange that hmmm?…)

When I was younger I was maybe more bothered about wearing particular clothes, but now I’m older (yep, very nearly 32!) I just want to wear clothes that I feel good in. Most days I struggle with what I see in the mirror and find it hard to like the reflection in front of me. So if I can make that slightly better by wearing something I really love, then I’m bloody well going to do it.

My favourite at the moment is a pair of tropical print trousers I bought a couple of years ago and wear allllllll the time. I’m already worried about the day I finally have to say goodbye to them as they genuinely make me feel a little more positive about my pear-shaped bod. I feel that will be an emotional day 😐

My fashion sense changes all the time – some days I like to dress like a 70s reject, other days I like to dress like a teenage emo (usually a green day t shirt with leopard print bottoms πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ)

But at the end of the day, as long as I feel good in what I wear, it shouldn’t matter if I’m following a trend or not. I own some items of clothing which I’ve had in my wardrobe for almost ten years and you know what? Who cares!! They may not be what the magazines and websites are saying are in “fashion” right now, but I couldn’t care less! I’m happy with my choice of clothes. Nobody has ever told me I look like a bag lady, and if that day ever comes, maybe I’ll reassess things. But until then I’m just gonna crack on with things the way I’m doing now!

So in summary – wear whatever the eff you want! It’s your right to wear exactly what you please and it’s nobody’s business but yours. If it offends people’s eyes – tell them to look away!!

Right, I’m taking my clashing pj-wearing bod to bed. I hope you can all find happiness in the clothes you wear 😘

Peace out ✌🏼xxx

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