Missing: my mojo

So lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost my crafting mojo. Cakes have been fine, but maybe that’s because cake baking and decorating is the only craft I’ve been able to spend time on lately 🤔

Cardmaking is something I go through phases with. If I get some inspiration I just have to go with it otherwise it could end up being a month or so before it happens again!

I’ve been thinking for a while that I need to start making cards again because lately I’ve been buying cards instead of making them. Shock horror I know!! I have a crazy amount of craft supplies in my craft room and yet I go to the nearest shop and buy a standard hallmark card instead! Shame on me…

So, after being asked to make a card for somebody this week, I decided to try and get the inspiration back that I’ve been lacking so much lately.

So I found a couple of sentiments I wanted to use and then sorted through my paper stash to see what I could pair with them. After much deliberation I produced this, which is a fairly simple card but I was pleased with the result:

So once I got the first card done, I decided that as I already had my boxes and bags of supplies scattered around me (much to the annoyance of my other half!), I may as well try and do another one to see if I could get my creativity flowing.

Turns out, I really enjoy making gatefold cards. I even managed two in one evening. Wowzers I know… 😂🙈 

Granted, this mermaid card took me nearly two hours to make, but much of that time was spent wondering what the hell to make 😂

So once that was done I moved on to the next card:

These cards both turned out much bulkier than I’d planned, but once I got started on them I just had to carry on until they were finished, regardless of how long they took and how they looked!

I think the main thing I’ve realised this week is just how much I love papercraft and I reeeeeeeeeally need to spend more time on it.

Maybe that can be my resolution for July.

Watch this space ✌🏼 xxx

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