Mishaps on a muggy morning…

Eurgh. It’s so muggy today I feel like my carefully pencilled-in eyebrows are slowly making their way down my clammy face, soon to re-locate themselves somewhere near my collar bone. The perils of being a girl hey. 🙈

This weekend was a cakey one. I knew it was going to be a hot day today, so I was kind of mentally prepared for my kitchen to get crazy hot as it tends to do. I opened windows, I had a fan blasting at me the whole time, and yet I still couldn’t calm the room down enough to stop things like this happening:

Yep that’s right. A big ol’ crack right across the top of the cake I had just iced. I had a feeling something like this would happen because I was rushing myself, and when I rush I tend to do things like jab my perfectly iced cake with one of my fingernails!! (Hence why majority of the time I have short boy nails to stop this kind of thing happening!!)

I had tried to cool my hands down by running them under the cold tap but it just didn’t do the job this time. One of the things I’ve learnt in the last year or so of cake decorating is that mistakes happen. Little niggly things that probably wouldn’t bother anybody else but because I know they’re there, I have to do something about them. So I’ve learnt not only to give myself a break about them (still trying to not be such a perfectionist about my cakes) but also I’ve learnt that these things can be covered!

So although immediately after I saw the icing crack right in front of me I had a moment of panic, I did manage to cover it up (quite successfully hopefully!)

It’s amazing what a leaf cutter can do 😜

So anyway. That was my Saturday! (In amongst the cake baking and decorating was a LOT of  washing and also some hair dying – although that’s a story for another day!!)  I’m now lying on the sofa with the fan blasting at me to try and cool down. I haven’t managed to cool down so far today so am hoping I can before I go to bed, otherwise it’ll be another rubbish nights sleep with me being grumpy the whole time.

It’s a short one tonight I’m afraid, but I’m so tired I can barely keep my eyes open right now.

Peace out ✌🏼 xxx

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