Back to the grind! 

Hiya! 🙋🏻

Things have been a tad quiet on the blogging front lately. I had intended to follow my previous post with another quite swiftly, but of course life got in the way as it always has a habit of doing!

I went away for the past week with my family and so the few days leading up to that consisted of checking all clothes I wanted to take were clean (I of course ended up taking enough clothes to last two weeks not one, but as I’ve been telling my other half for almost 9 years now, its far better to be over prepared!). My friend Leigh laughs at me for leaving my packing until the night before or even the day I go away, but I’ll only end up re checking my bag then anyway so I may as well just get it done in one go!! 😂🙊

I was also frantically baking and decorating a 60th birthday cake for my lovely mum:

I bake and decorate a LOT of cakes. What I don’t do often is bake and decorate a cake with chocolate, then transport it on an almost 3 hour car journey on a rather warm day 🤦🏻‍♀️ Luckily, the further south we got the worse the weather got, so any concerns of the cake melting into a heap by the time we arrived were unnecessary. It got there in one piece (well apart from one stray mini egg finding it’s way into my mouth but we’ll gloss over that… 😏)

A quick 15 minute dash around the cottage to put up banners and blow up balloons ready for the birthday girl’s arrival meant that all in all we’d had quite a busy day!

It’s a good job we’d planned a nice chilled out week as it was definitely something I needed. I sometimes push my stress levels right to the point of migraine so it was kind of nice to have terrible phone signal and dodgy hit-and-miss wifi. We managed a few trips out to different places, but as we have a week off work for my birthday in September, we’re now planning to head back down towards Somerset to do the trips out we didn’t manage this time around.

Our main obstacle was rain. Good old British summer time 😂🙈

We went to Bath, and got soooo rained on that we had no choice but to shelter in Primark 😏 it was only out of politeness that I made a purchase at all…I swear 😇 so we didn’t get the chance to see much of Bath at all. Definitely on my list of things to see next time round!

We went to Burnham-on-sea where, although it was dry and sunny, it was so windy I had 4 layers of clothing on, including a leather jacket and a hoody. 🙈

I was hardly expecting to be able to sunbathe, but it would’ve been nice to have not got a mouthful of my hair (or sand!) every time I opened my mouth to speak.

After realising Burnham wasn’t working out all that well for us (although the fact I could do some serious dog spotting and even managed a quick stroke of one was a plus), we headed off to our next destination. We chose to go to Wells, as my sister and her other half had gone earlier in the week and recommended it. When we arrived we decided to head for food and ended up in a pub. It was only after choosing a table and settling ourselves in with a drink that we realised exactly what Wells, Somerset was.

Not sure if any of you reading this have seen the film Hot Fuzz, but it’s one of my personal favourites. I’d always known that the village the film was set in was fictional, but little did I realise that the majority of the film was actually set in Wells.

We then of course sat there waiting for our food, googling the various locations within Wells. Geek alert 🤓 (we cadged a ride on the pubs wifi as our phone signal was still almost non existent). I am also a little ashamed to admit that we have since watched Hot Fuzz for the 600th time to spot the various landmarks we’d seen that day. (A teeny bit ashamed but mostly proud of my geekiness if I’m honest 🤓).

One place I would recommend to visit if you are ever in the Wells area is the Bishops Palace, and not just because of the Hot Fuzz reference.

Its not a massive place, but then it also doesn’t have a massive price tag on the tickets. Nice place to have a stroll around, especially if you’re appreciative of a good old building like I am. 🙂

So as you can see, not much to report on other than a lovely week with my family, and a few days out exploring.

Back to work on Monday, and back to reality. Roll on September for my next holiday!!

I promise I won’t leave it so long next time – I have some cakes lined up so they may well get a mention next post 🙂

Over and out, much love 😘 xxx

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