Me,my ink, and I..

When I decided 2017 was going to be the year of the blog for me, I had all these good intentions to write a brand spanking new blog post once a week and have so far been quite good at sticking to it. However, after completing the wedding cake featured in my last post, I developed a massive migraine-type headache which lasted for around a week, and all remotely inspirational thoughts vanished from my brain before I could write any of them down! I also found it hard to get the energy and motivation to sit and type on an evening when my head was still hurting from sitting at a computer all day at work. (I work on spreadsheets for much of the working day which is a nightmare for my eyes at the best of times!) So now that the bad head has calmed a little, I’ve been trying to think of topics I would enjoy writing about. So I’ve been having a think and decided to write about something I’m passionate about – tattoos. 

There are lots of different opinions out there on tattoos. I think they’re very much like marmite – you either love them or you hate them. I for one LOVE them, hence why I currently have 5 and counting! I’m sure the day will come when I think, okay, thats enough now. But in all honesty, I’m just not ready for that kind of finality. And I’m not about to start promising myself or anybody else that I’m done with tattoos. 😂 

I’ve always found tattoos fascinating, even though it took me to the grand old age of 23 to get my first one done. I had wanted one for a few years before that but never bit the bullet and went for it. Reason for this was partly that I couldn’t decide what to have, and in truth, I was a little scared about it. I had lots of panicky thoughts of what if I decide I don’t like it? What if it hurts really bad?! What if I regret it?! So I didn’t end up getting anything done. My boyfriend at the time was NOT a fan of tattoos at all. This was probably quite a big part of the reason I didn’t get any ink while I was with him. His mum was forever encouraging me to get one, however I just can’t quite trust somebody who only has cartoon tattoos (and awful ones at that). I think it was the fact she had a Tweety Pie tattoo and her husband had Sylvester so that when they stood next to each other their tattoos were side by side. (Over the years since then, I’ve found out they actually split up, so that’s an embarrassing tattoo to explain to future partners!!🤔) 

I’m glad now that I waited and didn’t rush to get a tattoo back then, as I would have only ended up regretting it, and maybe ended up with a tweety pie of my own!! 🤣
So, I’m a 23 year old me, out of the relationship I just mentioned, deciding that I’m the one who makes the decisions about my own body and nobody but me should have control over me. 

So, I decide on a bit of a whim that I’m going to go for it and get a tattoo. I decided to have the words “live, laugh, love” on my inner wrist. People often ask why I had those particular words. Well, why not? Many people have tattoos based on something being significant to them, and that’s pretty awesome. But I feel that if you like something enough to want it inked on your skin then go for it! At the time this little mini quote meant enough to me to make me decide to have it for keeps, somewhere I could see it at all times. 

So I walk into a dive of a tattoo studio in a back street of Swadlincote, absolutely terrified by everyone and everything in there. The tattoo was finished within ten minutes or so, and before you know it my wrist has some kitchen roll wrapped around it, and my purse is £40.00 lighter. 

I then went into a shop with my friend, where the woman working at the till looked at my taped up wrist and said “oh dear, what has she done?!”, to which my friend said “oh nothing, she’s just had a tattoo done”. The woman did no more than tut at me, any ounce of sympathy evaporating within seconds! Clearly not a fan of tattoos then. 🙄 
Clearly having not learned my lesson from the first tattoo, my second was also a walk in. I had chosen a cute little design of stars and swirls that I had chosen to have placed on my left hip bone. The only problem was I chose the design from the internet. This means there was no uniqueness to it at all 🙄

I felt a little more confident about tattoo studios this time around, however I wasn’t prepared for my jeans to be yanked down without any warning. I had been just about to open my mouth and ask if I needed to undo my jeans and pull them down a little, but before I had the chance the decision was taken out of my control! 

A little forward I must admit. 🙄

So there I was, lying on my back on a bench having this teeny little tattoo inked on my skin. It all would have been fine if the needle hadn’t tickled my skin just at the moment one of the stars was being inked, resulting in quite a wonky star. ⭐️ (said star is at the bottom of the tattoo, just in case by some miracle you hadn’t spotted it! 🤣)

This ruined the tattoo for me, but it did also make me smile whenever I glimpsed it, which is what made me tolerate it for so many years!! 

Tattoo number three was my biggest yet, and included colour this time which is something I had never had before. I had chosen a handful of flowers and sent photos off to Marie at Folklore Tattoo Studio, to see what her thoughts were. She was happy to do the tat for me, on my right foot, and so I booked in for it. The tattoo ended up being much larger than I had first thought and imagined. It actually covers the majority of the top of my right foot, but now that I have it I’m so glad it’s the size it is.

 I occasionally forget I have it until I catch a glimpse of it and I must admit,  I love it all over again! I think if you keep falling back in love with a tattoo, it was definitely the right thing to do. Having the tattoo done wasn’t too painful, apart from around my ankle bone and close to my big toe. I’ll be honest, these places made me feel a bit sick. But definitely worth it! My favourite flower is the gerbera, and my favourite colour is turquoise, so it made perfect sense to include both these aspects. And the rose, because, well, why not? Everyone loves a rose! 

Once I’d had my foot tattoo, I definitely felt like I had “the bug”. The only issue is how much tattoos cost. They do say though, a cheap tattoo is never good and a good tattoo is never cheap. So true. The odd £40 here and there is okay for little tattoos, but if you plan to have a bigger, more detailed tattoo, then you have to understand the time and effort this takes. At around £60.00 per hour for tattoos, you can imagine the money spent on them. But, at the end of the day, I’d much rather spend my money on a tattoo that will be with me until my dying day, than waste it on a drunken night out or a few extra clothes. 
Tattoo number four was actually to cover tattoo number two. Having learnt that my wonky tattoo really wasn’t what I wanted on my body for the years to come (I know, who’d have thought it?!), I decided to look at some flowers to cover it with. I decided on a pink dahlia, because along with the good old gerbera, I LOVE dahlias sooo much. And what better way to celebrate my favourite things than to have them inked on my skin to be with me forever. 

This tattoo actually wasn’t too painful for me. Maybe I was becoming immune to the touch of the needles, maybe it’s just because it was being inked onto a chubby part of my body! 🤣 The only part I struggled with a little was the very top of my tattoo, just under my ribcage. NOT the nicest place for somebody to be jabbing you repeatedly with little needles!! 

I had a massive wait between this tattoo and tattoo number five. Two months in fact! 😆 I had a sudden thought that I quite fancied some ink on my back. I’d literally never had this thought before, but once it was in my head I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I just had to start planning it. I had chosen a design of a sun and a moon, but knowing that Marie would change it up to make it unique, I was very excited to have it done. I was a little worried about having this tattoo done, because much of it was to be on my spine. In actual fact, it wasn’t so much the pain that bothered me, it was the vibration that went all through my spine and through the rest of my body! That feeling stuck with me for the rest of that day! 

It was quite an odd experience, not being able to see the tattoo until it was finished two and a half hours later and I saw it in the mirror. Marie had done wonders with it, the face of the sun is easy beyond what I’d hoped for and every time I walk past a mirror I catch a glimpse of it and I love it all over again. 😍 As for the reason why I had a sun and moon tattoo? Well why not really? There are some quotes about the sun and moon which I love so much, and maybe they had an input on my decision to have this tattoo, or maybe I just decided on what I wanted because I just liked it! 

“The sun loved the moon so much, he died every night just to let her breathe” 

“Exist by the sun, and love by the moon. For you must live in the light to embrace the shadows it so perfectly casts” 

Three things cannot be long hidden : the sun, the moon, and the truth”

And finally, for the moment, my last tattoo. Number 6. My right wrist, forever emblazoned with the Native American symbol for friendship. My BFF and soulmate for life actually has the same symbol but on her ankle (which she will never ever forgive me for, because apparently it hurt real bad… 😂) 

So like I say, this is not the end of my tattoo story, far from it. I’m actually currently working on a cover up for tattoo number one, which I feel was done as a rebellious act and now that I’m 8 years older, maybe I need something a bit more suited to the person I am now rather than who I was back then. And for those people who say “but what are you going to look like when you’re 80?!”, well to be quite honest, if I live to 80 I’ll be chuffed. And it’s not like I’m going to be the only OAP with tattoos! 🤣

Watch this space…!!! 😘 xxx

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