Not another “bloody” cake!!! 

So I thought I would finally write a blog post about what was originally intended…craft projects! This week was a very good friend of mine’s birthday, and in traditional style I baked her a birthday cake. My baking portfolio consists of a massive variety of cakes, and I’m always on the lookout for new cakey projects to try. Last year she had a Walking Dead themed birthday cake, which brought with it my first ever experience of making and working with edible fake blood. It’s something that is so easy and cheap to make, but is really effective and pretty gross! I mix corn syrup with red food colouring gel, and add a little cocoa powder to get the right shade of blood 😷 When you apply it to the iced cake it doesn’t look great, I’ll be honest! But once it starts to set it gains a soft, gel texture and looks pretty realistic.

With the Walking Dead cake, I chose the scene in Season One when Rick wakes up in hospital, exploring to see if anyone’s around. He comes across the cafeteria doors which are jammed shut with planks of wood. I decided this would make an effective cake, and one I’d seen on Pinterest a couple of times. I changed the design up a little to make it my own, by adding bloody hand prints to the sides of the cake. This of course was achieved using my own fair hands! I literally painted my hands with the fake blood mixture, which actually was a bit of a whim but worked well! I got into a bit of a mess putting this cake together but it was all worth it in the end and I was quite pleased with the result.

So. Having already used up my Walking Dead cake idea, this year I went with Game Of Thrones. Again, even more blood! (Hey, if you find an effective method you use it over and over again!!)

I think the key when you’re covering a cake with fake blood is to keep the rest of your design as simple as possible. Hence why I went for a simple throne made from icing swords. Simple, eh?!

I definitely underestimated how much time the throne would take to complete, however am pleased with the overall result! I mixed up some pale grey sugarpaste and rolled it out then moulded it into sword shapes. Once I’d positioned all of the swords in place, I painted over them with some Rainbow Dust Metallic Food Paint in Pearlescent White. The cake itself I chose to ice in plain white, making the red of the blood stand out even more. Add to it the name of the recipient and it’s done! Overall I’m pleased with this cake, especially as I managed to complete it in one morning’s session!

Now to start thinking of what theme to bake next year!! 😬 xxx

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  1. I can’t give enough praise to this lady, she is one of my closest friends and never stops amazing me with her cakes and creative mind. The Walking Dead cake is one of my favourites and was a total surprise, this girl knows me inside out, scarey!!

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