To selfie or not to selfie, that is the question… 

We live in a selfie generation, whether we like it or not. Selfies rule the online world and their popularity will only increase as the years go by. People have always taken selfies, it’s just that before mobile phones had cameras, we would take a photo using a normal camera, and then have to wait a week while we waited for Truprint or Max Speilman to post the results to us. There was none of this deleting photos until you find one you’re happy with malarkey, we had to just point and shoot and keep our fingers crossed we hadn’t blinked at the exact same moment we pressed the button on the camera. Although having said that, getting photos developed was always a bit of an adventure, not knowing quite how you’re going to look, not quite remembering what face you were pulling, whether you did in fact blink at that one inconvenient split second. I do love photos. They capture a split second in time that is gone so fast but you can keep reminiscing about forever.

I was never a fan of selfies, and would honestly curse under my breath if I saw that somebody on my social media feed had posted their 17th selfie of the day. Because do you really need to post the exact same picture just from different angles?!

Then one day a random comment was made about how many pictures of myself I had uploaded to my new Instagram account. I hadn’t thought much about it at the time of uploading them, but that one comment made me paranoid that people would think I was being vain for having multiple pictures of me uploaded. So much so in fact, that I deleted the majority of them just incase.

I’ve always had issues with the way I look. I feel like I’ve been dieting since I was 18 and although there have been times I’ve lost some weight and gained a little confidence, deep down I’ve never been 100% happy with what I see in the mirror. And the trouble is, it doesn’t matter what anybody else says to you, or how many compliments you may receive, if you don’t feel attractive then nothing anybody else says will make a difference.

So nowadays, I am openly proud to be a shameless selfie taker. If I take a selfie (that’s not just a make-up free me pulling a silly face on snapchat), and I like the results, I will often share it on Instagram or Facebook. Sometimes I even push the boat out and set it as a profile picture. It’s not for vanity reasons, this is just me finding a day where I don’t feel quite so down about the way I look.

So. If you feel that taking selfies is helping you with your self- esteem, I no longer cringe and shake my head. I say share it! Give yourself a boost if you need it! Body confidence (or lack thereof) is a major thing, and if you can do one thing to give yourself a much needed little boost, then I’m all for that.

Snap away! Xx 😬👍🏼📱📸

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